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The WAVE Program and Hayward Lumber
Bring a Tide of Generosity to Pacific Grove Middle School

“The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.” - Albert Einstein


By Michelle Netzloff
Cedar Street Times - April 26, 2019

If Einstein is right, and I believe he is, then Bill Hayward is a man of great value. Since 1919, when Hayward Lumber began doing business, the Hayward family has made it a habit to always give back to their community. In keeping with this longstanding philanthropic tradition, Bill Hayward continues to sponsor community organizations and support causes, particularly those involving education. "Bill has always been very supportive of the community, especially when it comes to kids and schools. He doesn't even think twice about it. He just makes it happen. It's all about the kids and he helps in any way he can,” states a close family friend. So it was no surprise to those who know him best that when he found out Pacific Grove Middle School was in dire need of athletic uniforms, he stepped up to the plate.

Darryl Smith, Executive Director of Pacific Grove's the WAVE Program, tells the story.

"The WAVE Program was made aware that the junior high needed uniforms badly for both boys and girls basketball, soccer, track and field, and cross country. We reached out to Bill right away because the WAVE program, which helps the physical education dept every year with a $2,000.00 gift, had already spent the $2,000 on new basketballs for the school. "We got a $5,000 donation specifically from Bill Hayward and Hayward Lumber, which allowed the WAVE Program to purchase 154 uniforms total for Pacific Grove Middle School. Athletes now have 50 brand new, reversible track uniforms for the 7th and 8th grade teams (25 boys, 25 girls), 40 soccer uniforms, (20 boys, 20 girls) and 64 basketball uniforms for the 7th and 8th grade teams (32 boys, 32 girls). Bill Hayward is such a saint for this community, and the youth in this community. I hope everybody understands how much this guy does, because he really believes in education and in this community.”

Sean Roach, principal at PG Middle School, was especially grateful, "This donation from Bill Hayward is an absolute blessing. Because we believe in allowing kids to try sports here, at any one time we have between 100-120 kids participating in athletics, so the number of uniforms is through the roof. After three or four years, the uniforms deteriorate. It's an expensive, recurring cost that we really can't handle. These reversible uniforms are a big time upgrade over what we had, and this gift allows us to now do other things and satisfy other needs. It's incredibly generous. We are so lucky to have the support of Hayward Lumber and the WAVE Program.

Neil Maclaren, owner of Field of Dreams Designs, created and lettered the new design on the uniforms and I think it gave the kids a charge,” observed Roach, "...a way to break from the past and strike out on their own.”

"Neil is a very busy man,” adds Smith, "because he supplies all the custom athletic wear for PG. His client list includes both the elementary schools, the middle school, PG pony baseball/softball and PG Lacrosse. But if it's the WAVE program, he drops everything to get it done on time,”

 "I don't think kids realize how fortunate they are to live in a community like this.” continues Roach. "My daughter began as just a participant in the WAVE Program, and is now aged to where she's going to be directing some of the activities. I love that kids have this maturation opportunity, and learn to give back to the younger crew coming up. It's such an important lesson.
The WAVE Program not only provides physical activity and leadership training over the summer, but they generously donate the equipment that they have every year to PG Middle School and the two Elementary schools. I can't say enough about that program. They're just fantastic. Amazing people.”

But, as Darryl Smith points out, it is because of people like Bill Hayward that programs like the WAVE are able to thrive. "As far as I'm concerned,” continues Darryl, "Bill's contribution to the Middle School was above and beyond the call of duty. I want the whole town to know not only what an outstanding thing he's just done with his donation, but that he is a major factor in the success of the WAVE Program through recurring contributions from his family foundation. Whenever I need a hammer or nail, I go to Hayward Lumber every time. People need to support Hayward Lumber, because they support your kids...a ton.”

Darryl hopes other businesses in Pacific Grove will get behind the WAVE Program as solidly as Bill Hayward. As Bill's close family friend recounted, "We were having dinner one night and I just mentioned that the Middle School was in need of new uniforms and he jumped right in, 'Well, how much do they need? We want to help them out.' That's just what he does.”

It costs about $250.00 to sponsor a child and there are many opportunities beyond the sports component to which folks can contribute. "Maybe you might want to support the art class, or fund the dance program.” suggests Smith. "Perhaps you'd like to back the culinary arts, or champion the swimming program.” The WAVE offers such a variety of activities, there is opportunity for many diverse types of businesses to get involved.
"It's such a worthy thing, and there's a lot of businesses here that want to help. If businesses could give every year, the WAVE program could go on forever. The longevity of the program really is based on the generosity of community.”

The Wave Program is a two-week summer day camp for girls and boys ages 10, 11, and 12 who live in Pacific Grove. The WAVE provides instruction in a variety of sports including basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, Lacrosse, golf, swimming and handball, among others. They offer an introduction to the arts in dance, art, and culinary classes as well as health and nutrition education. The entire two week adventure is free of charge.

Registration is now open for the 2019 WAVE Program running July 8-19, 2019.

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