The WAVE Program is coming in 2023! 

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The WAVE Math Mates Returns in 2024

The popular Wave Math Mates Program for rising fourth graders will be returning this summer (2024). Registration will be announced at a later date in this spring!

The program, which will be entering its third year, exposes students to critical thinking skills and 4th grade-level content that will expand their mathematical horizons (through stimulating lessons, riddles, and puzzles).

The program, which exposes students to critical thinking skills and 4th grade-level content that will expand their mathematical horizons (through stimulating lessons, riddles, and puzzles) should return in July 2024.

What is The WAVE Math Mates Program?

The program is for kids who are going into 4th grade. You must live in Pacific Grove or go to a PGUSD school.

Math Wave MATES, is a math enrichment program designed to expose rising 4th-grade students to critical thinking skills and grade-level content that will expand their mathematical horizons. Founded under the premise that anyone can become good at math, Math Wave MATES welcomes learners of all kinds and talent-levels. This program offers students the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills through stimulating lessons, riddles, and puzzles.

Inaugural Wave Math Mates Photos

Below are pictures from the 2021 Wave Math Mates 4th grade program. Captain Schimpf - played by Cristopher Rosas dressed up as a pirate - gave the math mates a lesson on Pattern Recognition: the nefarious Captain Schimpf had stolen all of Pacific Grove's gold. came alive to show all Math Wave MATE students that problem-solving and creativity are a mathematician's greatest treasure. The students were creating math codes / patterns to confuse Cpt. Schimpf and prevent him from stealing the treasure! 

The Wave Math Mates Teacher

Cristopher Rosas, founder of the Math MATES and Math Wave MATES program, is lead instructor during the Math Wave MATES program. Rosas is an alumna of both Forest Grove Elementary School and Pacific Grove Middle School, and he is currently a senior at Pacific Grove High School.

Cristopher's earliest memories of math coincide with a seemingly simple challenge from his grandmother: name a single thing in the world that does not relate to math. Several years and many math classes later, Cristopher has come to appreciate the inherently mathematical nature of our reality. Leading the Math MATES during the 2020-2021 school year, Rosas dedicated over 400 hours to math enrichment throughout the PGUSD. He is also president of the Math, Science, and Chess clubs at Pacific Grove High School.

Outside of mathematical pursuits, Cristopher plays his violin as section leader in the Breaker Orchestra. He also leads in the Boys Varsity Soccer and Baseball teams at PGHS.

2021 Graduates

(4th Grade)
Kevin Li
Sawyer Corcoran
Stella Saich
James Atanous
Christian Li
Josh Wu
Olivia Gunn

Contact Information

Phone: (408) 960-5194
Address: 1160 Seaview Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

What is the WAVE Program?

The Wave Program is a two-week summer day camp for girls and boys going into 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grade. We aim to provide an active, healthy, positive camp environment that sparks interest in team and individual sports and the arts electives offered at Pacific Grove High School.