The WAVE Program is coming in 2023! 

Phone: (408) 960-5194

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What is The WAVE Writer Program?

The WAVE Writers program is for kids who are going into 4th grade. You must live in Pacific Grove or go to PGUSD schools.

This is a free, half-day, week-long creative writing summer camp is being offered to rising fourth graders who attend Forest Grove or Robert Down or who reside in Pacific Grove. This class will offer the kids the opportunity to write short stories, craft poetry and learn to express themselves in writing.

2022 Wave Writers Camp a Success!

The 2002 edition of the Wave Writers was another success! Led by William Coen, a senior at PGHS (Class of 2023). William took over for his sister, Caroline who led the first Wave Writer's program in 2021.

During our half-day, week-long camp, this class offered the kids the opportunity to write short stories, craft poetry and learn to express themselves in writing.

The Wave Writers program is run before the first week of the Wave summer camp out of the Holman Center

2022 Graduates

(4th Grade: 21 total)
Meredith Barnhill
Emily Asturi
Daisy Brockmeyer
Isla Dempsey
Ya-Yen Meyskens
Daphne Oded
Daniel Lee
Christina Li
Anjeanette Jameson
Harper Page
Baylee Shadwell
Levi Rutt
Ruby Siegler
Adeline Owens
Mila Clark Weston
Eliza Faile
Arina Baigrie
Wiley Randall
Eli Haselbauer
Alanna Cooper

2021 Graduates

(4th Grade: eight total)
Kora Carpenter
James Atanous
Anjeanette Jameson
Asher Lake
Ella Asturi
Grace DeMer
Stella Mclintock
Genevieve Valenzuela

(5th Grade: 17 total)
Anderson Chavez
Elizabeth Nuckles
Jannah Noonari
Kevin Li
Lila Schuchard
Miriam Manor
Eleanor Holt
Naomi Gluck
Prisha Poudel
Riley O'Brien
R. Tatum Jones
Rya Fabry
Soha Siddiqui
Stefano Leyva
Vivian Galer
Zachary Webb
Maliyah Carpenter

Contact Information

Phone: (408) 960-5194
Address: 1160 Seaview Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

What is the WAVE Program?

The Wave Program is a two-week summer day camp for girls and boys going into 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grade. We aim to provide an active, healthy, positive camp environment that sparks interest in team and individual sports and the arts electives offered at Pacific Grove High School.