The WAVE Program is coming in 2023! 

Phone: (408) 960-5194

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2023 Summer Camp Begins in:


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The Sixth Summer of thewaveprogram (TWP) is Coming!

Requirements to attend the WAVE program:

  • You must be entering 5th, 6th, or 7th grade in the fall of 2023.
  • You must attend Forest Grove or Robert Down Elementary, or Pacific Grove Middle School.
  • Or, if you live in The PGUSD boundaries.

Mark Your Calendars!

  • July 7, 2023 - Parent Orientation at 6:30 in the PGHS Gymnasium. 
  • Dates for TWP - July 10 through July 20, 2023 
  • TWP is in session Monday through Thursday for two weeks. TWP will not be in session on Friday.

Camp Dates, Times and Location!

  • Drop-off time is 8:45 a.m. each day of camp!
  • Week #1: July 10-14, 2023 (9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)
  • Week #2: July 17-20, 2023 (9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)
  • Camp is held on the campus of PGHS

Last Year at TWP (2022 Camp):

  • 262 kids (5th, 6th and 7th grade) participated!
  • Over 100 high school athletes volunteered!  
  • An estimated 40 Pacific Grove employees gave their time to working with the campers!

What is The Wave Program?

The Wave Program is a two-week summer day camp for girls and boys going into 5th, 6th and 7th grade. We aim to provide an active, healthy, positive camp environment that sparks interest in team and individual sports and the arts electives offered at Pacific Grove High School.

Major Components of thewaveprogram:

  • Instruction in athletic skills and fundamentals.
  • Introduction to the arts in dance, art, and culinary classes.
  • Discussions about general fitness, health, and nutrition.
  • Swim Lessons.

Every Kid Can Attend The Wave Program

  • The registration for all kids includes a $125 donation per family.  
  • All kids who attend PGUSD or live in those school boundaries can also register for a scholarship. If you apply for a scholarship, you will receive a scholarship. 
  • If you register and commit to a $125 donation, it will be due beginning June 1, 2023. TWP will accept a check or Venmo for payment.

Campers gather for last minute instructions at the beginning of the day before heading off in groups 

Because there is more to life and strong communities than revenue. Parents are working so hard in today’s world, and we want to help them with the immense job of growing good citizens. Raising kids is expensive! From the tee-shirts and poster boards needed for class projects, to the school buses that teachers must raise money for in order to take a field trip, everything carries a cost. 

If you cannot afford the $125 donation, please apply for a SCHOLARSHIP for your child. No one will be turned away.

By making the WAVE program available to all with a donation or through scholarship, we embrace the spirit of Pacific Grove, where we cherish a simpler way of life, and where “community” is not just a buzzword or marketing slogan but something most of us try to practice every day. Our camp is available to kids at EVERY socioeconomic level, so that those who thus far haven’t been exposed to expensive lessons and camps can have access to these activities along with their classmates from wealthier homes. It’s an investment in all our kids and in the future of Pacific Grove.


Bo Buller teaches campers the finer points of volleyball


Playing a game of Spikeball

The WAVE Program Parent Information

DROP OFF: Drop off begins at 8:45 and PLEASE pick your camper no later than 3:45.

DROP OFF: We encourage kids to ride their bikes or walk with a friend or friends to TWP. If you will be dropping your child off, please do so at the PGHS parking lot on Sunset Drive. 

GEAR: Each child will receive a backpack and camp t-shirts.

SWIMMING: You are responsible for an appropriate swimsuit, towel, and a plastic bag to place suit and towel in after swimming. There is a compartment in the backpack for this. Please bring your own goggles. We are trying not to share any equipment. 

LUNCH: Please pack a lunch for your child, the kids will stay in their cohorts for lunch. Please bring your own water bottle. 

BASEBALL/SOFTBALL: This activity is during Week 1, we encourage you to send a glove with your child.

The Wave Program Teachers & Coaches

The Wave Program is a unique experience for the youth of Pacific Grove because it gives them the opportunity to meet, interact, and learn from the Coaches and Teachers that are Head Coaches and Teachers at Pacific Grove High School. These Teachers and Coaches are invested in this community and its student/athletes. Our coaches and teachers are instrumental leaders in motivating young people and helping them become self-starters. They teach self-discipline, good habits, and the value of setting goals. They are experts at creating expectations in a positive climate that our campers value. Our staff teaches with praise and encouragement. They are awesome leaders and they embrace their roles as motivators. These coaches and teachers are the backbone of the Wave Program.

Click HERE to view the staff that run thewaveprogram.

Dan Powers teaching basketball

PGHS Basketball Coach Dan Power speaks to campers in the gym

Art (Matt Kelly)

Basketball (Dan Power)

Baseball (Craig Bell/Brad Bogan)

Boxing (Masha Cavazos)

Cheerleading (TBA)

Cheerleading (Arthur Smith)

Dance (Tatum Madrid)

Football (Jeff Gray)

Health, Nutrition & Fitness (Donna O'Donnell-Smith

Lacrosse (Robbie Madrid)

Soccer (Brian O'Donnell)

Softball (Sal Lucido)

Swimming (Mark Temple)

Tennis (Donna O'Donnell-Smith)

Track and Field (Steve Jordan)

Volleyball (Kyle Mountain)

Water Polo (Casey Lyons)

Wrestling (Travis Selfridge)

Declan Ryan (at right), the first student ever to register for thewaveprogram! Dylan MacLaren (on left) former Pacific Grove student/Athlete and current Camp leader. Josh Hattori one of the over 1,500 Pacific Grove kids to participate in TWP over the last 5 years!

The Fifth Wave Program in Pictures

Below are pictures from the Fifth Annual Wave Program summer camp

Indoor games inside the PGHS Gym - Cribbage!

Learning to Dance with Tatum Madrid

Lacrosse throwing on the football field

Football coach Jeff Gray goes over a play with Wave campers

A group of girls wearing their California USA wrestling shirts pose for a photo during the wrestlig portion of the camp in the auxillary gym.

Two unidentified girls work on their throwing technique during a softball session at The Wave Program Summer Camp

Track & Field coach Steve Jordan works with campers on the Long Jump

Wave Writers Camp Registration Is Open

The WAVE Writers program, which is entering its third year in 2023, is now open for registration for kids who are going into 4th grade. You must live in Pacific Grove or go to PGUSD schools.

This is a free, half-day, week-long creative writing summer camp is being offered to rising fourth graders who attend Forest Grove or Robert Down or who reside in Pacific Grove. This class will offer the kids the opportunity to write short stories, craft poetry and learn to express themselves in writing.

The Wave Writers program this year will be held on July 17-20, 2023, and take place at the Holman Center in downtown Pacific Grove.

The 2023 edition of the Wave Writers will be led by William Coen, a PGHS graduate (Class of 2023). William took over for his sister, Caroline who led the first Wave Writer's program in 2021.

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Math Mates Camp Registration Coming Soon

The Fourth Annual Math Mates summer camp registration will be starting shortly for 2023. Stay tuned for details! The camp, which has been led by Cristopher Rosas, is for aspiring fourth graders of Pacific Grove who want to improve their knowledge of math.  

This program offers students the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills through stimulating lessons, riddles, and puzzles.

Darryl Smith speaks with the Math Mates campers.

William Coen works with Wave Writer campers.

Camper Love Culinary Classes 

The culinary portion of the camp is one of the favorite classes among TWP campers. The class is taught by PGHS Culinary Chef "Mo" Erickson.

To the right are a few pictures of the 2022 Culinary classes and below is a list of recipes made during the first week of camp (July 11-14). 

  • The Groovy Smoothie
  • Double Chocolate Zuchini Muffins
  • Artisan Pasta Dough
  • Pasta Primavera
  • Sushi Burritos 
  • Sushi Carrots
  • Sushi Rice

2022 Culinary Recipes!

Click the link below to download the recipes

2022 Culinary Recipes

BMX Skateboard Exhibition A BIG Hit at Wave Summer Camp

A skateboard and BMX exhibition was held by professional BMX bike rider, Tyler Ellis and skateboarder Noah Garry at the 2022 WAVE program on Tues., July 19, at 3:30 p.m. Below is a video from the exhibition.

Professional BMX rider Tyler Ellis floats through the air as WAVE campers look on during exhibition at PGHS tennis courts. (photo courtesy of Arthur Smith Photography).

Skateboarder Noah Garry showing his stuff to the WAVE campers on the PGHS tennis courts  (photo courtesy of Arthur Smith Photography).

TWP Proudly Supports a Community Skatepark

Dear Wave Families,

Please help our community advocate for a public skatepark facility in Pacific Grove. Currently, we are working alongside the PG Recreation Board and city officials to make a skatepark a reality.  

A skatepark is a place to have fun, exercise, and make friends. Concrete skateparks provide a safe space to practice skateboarding, roller skating, rollerblading, scootering, BMX, and wheelchair motocross.  

Skateparks are also a gathering place to socialize, spectate, and relax. Skateparks foster learning through creativity, social interaction, and physical activity. Not only that, but skateparks help build risk assessment, resilience, situational awareness, and peer-to-peer communication.  

Skateparks provide free access to recreation without league fees, scheduling, and travel requirements.  

Please express your support by emailing our City Council and Recreation Board at the email address below:

Pacific Grove City Council

Pacific Grove Recreation Board

We appreciate your support for this project.

Emily Haselbauer and Alex White

Pacific Grove Skatepark Project

Check us out on Social Media!

Volunteer for Community Service Hours at TWP!

To volunteer at thewaveprogram of Pacific grove here is what you need to do.

1) You have to have completed your Freshman year at PGHS.all Freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible for Community service hours. 

2) You need to play a sport at PGHS. 

3) Contact the coach of the WAVE Sport you would like to volunteer for to see if they would like you to volunteer this summer.

The Wave Program Expectations


We want all kids to be involved with every activity, always, that’s what it is all about! At The Wave Program do the best you can EVERYDAY and have fun.


Be on time, learn, and give your best effort! We would like you to have 100 percent attendance! 

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is a little thing that can take you a long way. Be respectful, be kind, and be helpful. Your enthusiasm will make The Wave Program a great place to be. Please have the attitude of gratitude!

2023 Camp Activities

● Basketball ● Baseball/Softball ● Boxing ● Volleyball ● Football ● Soccer ● Lacrosse ● Tennis ● Wrestling ● Health & Nutrition 

● Water Polo ● Track & Field ● Swim Lessons ● Art ● Culinary ● Games ● Dance ● Cheerleading ● Backyard Games

Contact Information

Phone: (408) 960-5194
Address: 1160 Seaview Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

What is the WAVE Program?

The Wave Program is a two-week summer day camp for girls and boys going into 5th, 6th and 7th grade. We aim to provide an active, healthy, positive camp environment that sparks interest in team and individual sports and the arts electives offered at Pacific Grove High School.