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The WAVE Summer Camp Peaks with the Leadership Program 

By Michelle Netzloff-Luna
Cedar Street Times - Sept. 21, 2018

TJust like the cresting surf, the WAVE Program continues to surge up towards new altitudes of excellence. The Leadership Program is this year's pinnacle, and it's just getting started. Executive Director Darryl Smith piloted the program this summer when he partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance to provide campers with training on how to be successful on the field and most importantly, in life. Teamwork, leadership and anti-bullying strategies were among the topics covered by experts in each field. So outstanding was this inaugural program that it has become a focus for the summer camp. Darryl gives us a glimpse into the Leadership's agenda this past summer, and lets us in on his future plans for this comprehensive and essential program.

“Leadership is universal, although the way people perceive leadership is different. There are so many angles in being a good leader or in how to lead, and the guest speakers we had talked about leadership from these different angles. We brought in Positive Coaches Alliance and Peter Wood really set the parameters of what the kids were there for and what they were to do as they were to help the teachers and how they were to help the kids. He spoke about how to treat people, how to involve yourself, and how to take initiative. From that point on we had a guest speaker everyday for about 45 minutes. Ed Buller, former A.D, and football coach at Oak Grove High School, talked about Teamwork. Barry and Jeanne Frew from Frew and Associates, talked about Leadership. Buck Roggeman, principal of Forest Grove Elementary spoke about how to be a super hero and how to recognize your own unique strengths. And lastly, Andrea Page partnered with Ron Triplett to give an anti-bullying workshop to the Leadership kids as well as an anti-bullying presentation for all the campers and their parents.

Each of the Leadership speakers talked about leadership in the ways that it affected them and their lives, and the steps they took to figuring out what kind of leader they were. On the last day of the program, Frank and Michelle Knight of Adventures by the Sea took all the kids out for the whole morning on a kayaking and team building activity and it was the highlight. Because of the success of that day, what we've found is that, moving forward with the Leadership Program, we now want to have separate activities for the Leadership kids with the leadership activities extending into the afternoon, and then send them out as mentors. Our guest speakers will speak to them about leadership, and then do a project with them. Barry and Jeanne Frew, of Frew and Associates run a leadership program already, and they are going to be engaged in the future where they do all these leadership activities and fine tune the program so it will be much more involved. Everybody was really good, and all the speakers had great things in a different way to say to the kids. The kids were very attentive, and were anxious to get out and be active in the program.

The Leadership Program takes the whole WAVE Program to the next level, and it's going to continue to get better. I thought the first year of the WAVE Program was really good, and I didn't think we could do much more but it was even better this year. What makes the WAVE Program exceptional are the coaches, because they are fully invested in the future of these kids, and the way the kids help other kids, it's just inspiring. But that's the climate of Pacific Grove. I'm so excited for where this program is going to go.”



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