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What Is the Wave Program Leadership Program, and Who Should Attend?

Barry Frew speaks with the kids in Wave Program Leadership in 2018Barry Frew speaks with the kids in Wave Program Leadership in 2018The Leadership program is for kids who are 13-years old or going into 8th grade. You have to live in Pacific Grove or go to PGUSD schools.

The program will focus on the foundations of leadership - what leadership is and why it is important. This two-week experience will include classroom learning, leadership-related activities and exercises, and practicing leadership. The WAVE Leadership Program is an integral part of the WAVE Program, and yet is separate from the Sports Camp. The Leadership participants will have limited interaction with the sports campers.

 The participants will learn more about:

- themselves and others,
- what leadership Is,
- why leadership is important,
- the foundations of leadership,
- the purpose, character, and competencies of leadership,
- the four directions of leadership,
- the relationship between leadership, and individuals and teams,
- the importance of followership and when to lead and when to follow,
- viewing leadership through the lens of High Order Thoughtâ„¢, and
- expanding your thinking and improving the choices that you make.


Barry FrewBarry Frew Jeanne FrewJeanne FrewThe Leadership Program is under the direction of Barry and Jeanne Frew who own and operate a local independent consulting firm, Frew & Associates. They focus on improving performance of individuals, teams, and organizations to the highest sustainable level. Their nationwide client base includes public and private sector, and not-for-profit organizations. Customized programs provided by Frew & Associates are designed to integrate deep learning events, coaching, mentoring, and consulting, so that individuals and teams gain capacity, stamina and resilience to think, perform and lead at higher levels. When Barry and Jeanne first moved to the Monterey Peninsula area nearly 40 years ago, their sons attended PG schools and participated in PG sports. Barry also coached PG sports for many years..

Wave Leadership Camp Photos (2019)

Below are pictures from the first week of the 2019 Wave Leadership Program. This year's class consist of 21 campers who are 13 years old. 




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