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JANUARY 1, 2021

2021 Wave Program Registration Starts In

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Caroline Coen - Leader of The Wave Writers

Caroline CoenCaroline CoenCaroline Coen will be leading a team of four instructors (Claire Roggeman, Oscar Scholin and William Coen) that will work with kids going into 4th grade during the inaugural Wave Writers program during the summer of 2020. She is a native Pagrovian. Coen is an alumna of both Robert Down Elementary School and Pacific Grove Middle School, and she will be a senior at Pacific Grove High School this fall.

Caroline has loved writing from a young age, and she is currently on the staff of the PGHS school newspaper, The NewsBreaker. Recently, Caroline won the Central Coast Writers short story contest for Monterey County high schoolers, and the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts selected her poem to appear in its 2020 high school poetry anthology.

She is an active member of the Pacific Grove community, having served as Princess Emerald 2017, Princess Amethyst 2018, and Queen Topaz 2019 on the Feast of Lanterns Royal Court. A true bibliophile, Caroline also volunteers weekly as a shelver for the Pacific Grove Public Library.



Oscar Scholin - Wave Writers Teacher

Oscar ScholinOscar ScholinOscar is a graduating senior of Pacific Grove High School and will attend Cornell University in the fall (pandemic permitting). He was a journalist for PGHS’s newspaper The NewsBreaker for three years before becoming co-editor his senior year. Scholin also plays the French Horn in various community and school orchestras and bands. In addition to mathematics and history, one of Oscar’s greatest passions is writing.

Oscar keeps a poetry blog where he publishes everything from short stories to reflections to OP-EDs. He has an unshakeable guiding conviction that words can be the ultimate arbiters of peace, connecting all people across space and time. Oscar considers writing, like music or art, as a window to the soul—a bridge across the limin between the subdued conscious and the raw unconscious.

When he is not reading, studying, hiking, or practicing his horn, Scholin writes poetry and other musings; in his own work, Oscar seeks to explore “reality” and its myriad facets to underscore the fundamental—though too often ruefully disregarded—unity of humanity—a sentiment that he believes desperately needs a greater following in light of recent polarizing events.

To handle the stress of the coronavirus, Oscar found an outlet in writing and thinking, and he had a profound shift in his philosophy on the meaning of life—that life is not a journey. For his graduation ceremony, Oscar shared this perception of viewing life as art rather than a struggle; if you would like to read or listen to his speech, please visit the Monterey County Weekly's article or his website:


Claire Roggeman - Wave Writers Teacher

Claire RoggemanClaire RoggemanClaire Roggeman is an incoming senior at Pacific Grove High School and native to the Monterey Bay Area. A proud graduate of Robert Down Elementary and Pacific Grove Middle School, Claire owes her love of writing to her teachers and family.

More recently, Claire has found a new love for both writing and reciting poetry. A poet laureate, Claire has been published in a 2020 high school poetry anthology put on by the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts. She also placed second in her school's Poetry Out Loud competition. Claire believes writing to be a catharsis, shaping muddled thoughts into beautiful works of literature.

When she's not writing, Claire enjoys supporting her school as a head Breaker Cheerleader. She also partakes in choir and musical theatre. Claire takes inspiration from the natural beauty of Pacific Grove, and is proud to call it home.



William Coen - Wave Writers Teacher

William CoenWilliam CoenWilliam Coen will be a sophomore at Pacific Grove High School in the fall. He began his education at Robert Down Elementary School and then moved on to Pacific Grove Middle School before coming to the high school.

Coen enjoys writing for the PGHS NewsBreaker as a columnist and sports reporter. William completed his first year on the NewsBreaker staff as a freshman and will return to the staff as a sophomore. Furthermore, he enjoys studying literary analysis in his English classes.

Other than writing, William enjoys playing his trumpet in the PGHS Breaker Band and the Monterey Jazz Festival High School All Star Band. Coen runs cross country, plays soccer, and participates in track and field for PGHS.






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