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JANUARY 1, 2020

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You guys are doing something RIGHT! And I mean that in so many ways, not the least which is producing fantastic kids to be in the leadership program. I loved working with them today, and they showed me a lot: character, kindness, thoughtfulness, and endurance, and that's just for starters.

P. Wood

You know this program really hit one out of the park when your kid comes home jazzed about sports they've decided to play in high school, and are already talking about coming back to volunteer at The Wave Program after they graduate from PGHS (and she's only 12 now!).

J. Erickson

This camp was completely AMAZING. Whatever help you need in the off season to gear up for next year – let me know. I’m a good “doer” if you need help.

T. Travaille

Thank you so much for all of your efforts! Marcelo had had an amazing time! He has come home every day with such positive accounts of how he has spent his day. The positivity manifested throughout the day has been infectious in his attitude. He has had such a sense of pride from awards that he has won and relationships that have bonded him with his peers! Many thanks to all of the many amazing people that have generously given their time to assist in this wonderful program! We forward to next summers wave program. Many thanks again!

J. Rosa

What an amazing program! Kids need to active and learn how to play new sports even if it is only for their short time at the program. Its also great feeling knowing adults are not profiting off kids being interested in sports. Thank you again for offering such an amazing program for free.

M. James

The last hometown does it again! It truly takes a village to raise a child and the village of Pacific Grove knocked it out of the park! I am so proud to be apart of this community! The people here who come together with an amazing idea and amazing spirit! Giving of their own time, knowledge and energy to teach the next generation of pagrovians not only sports, but healthy lifestyles, friendship, teammanship and positive thinking and reinforcement. Kudos to the WAVE program and all of its contributors. May this program benefit many generations to come!

V. Arroyo

The Wave Program is one of the best youth sports programs I have ever seen. The enthusiasm of the people involved, organization, and variety of sports offered is really impressive. I am so grateful that such a generous program exists in our community!

I. Hoffman

My boys, Sal and Tyler, leave excited each morning to go to camp and come home exhausted and full of stories of their day. Thank you for providing such an amazing program for our kids. Well done!

Drew LOVES this program. Comes home super pumped every day and can’t wait to go back. Says it’s the best camp he’s been to.
Thanks for all you’re doing!
S. Hollobaugh
You guys are definitely a BLESSING to me and my daughter! She's 12 & only wish I would of found out about your program when she was 10. All of you ROCK! Kesia is loving it!!
L. Andrade

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