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Looking forward to Caroline’s program. Thanks to you, Darryl, for all your support of the WAVE writers. Can’t wait to see the inspirational writings from our young students.

L. Williams

We would like to thank you, and your team, for another wonderful two week program. Our grand children have been attending for 3 years and it is amazing how much fun they have. This year it was just our grandson (Ayden Knab) attending and he always came home excited about a new sport, or event, or class. This program is amazing and I hope that it will continue on for our youngest grandson. He still has 2 more years before he is 10. We know that donations have been accepted in the past and we would like to donate again. Please send us a note with the best method to process a donation. Again, a huge Thank You to everyone that volunteered their time and energy to inspire the children to get outside, exercise, play and try something new!


G. & P. Hein

I just wanted to say thank you so much for having Mr Reinhardt speak at the Wave. Sam came home yesterday and today with a renewed inspiration and a respect and admiration that I don’t see often from him at 13. Mr Reinhardt’s story is incredible and I can’t thank you enough for allowing Sam the opportunity to have this encounter. He has told his story to our entire family several times and has spoken nonstop about what an inspiring few days it has been. This truly made an amazing impact on him and all of us. Thank you so very much.

J. Houston

I wanted to send you a personal thank you for the Wave program. The past three years, my children have enjoyed this program so much! My daughter had zero interest in sports until she had the opportunity to try so many different activities during the first summer of Wave. Since then, she has played a new team sport every year. I never knew about the Leadership program, and am thrilled for her to have the experience that she will have this year, before she begins eighth grade.

I owe you additional gratitude this year, however. My family made a decision for my niece to stay with us indefinitely as her grandfather is going through treatment for cancer. Your belief in never turning children away is touching. I reached out to Jeanne last minute yesterday and told her our situation, and there was no hesitation in you allowing us to enroll my niece. I really want you to know that this program has made a difference for my children and Pacific Grove, and I am so grateful that my niece will have the opportunity to experience the impact of this program as well.

K. Gorski

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the mentors of The Wave Program. Whether it is the application process, the families of these kids, the environment as a whole at the program, or all of the above, these mentors were nothing short of inspiring to work with. I have rarely seen thirty-one thirteen year olds conduct themselves with such respect, focus, interest, endurance (it wasn't a short workshop!), and kindness. Most high school kids would do well to match the grace and intelligence of these mentors.

The younger campers, and their families, in The Wave Program should consider themselves quite fortunate. Clearly, Darryl and his staff have figured out how to deliver a fantastic positive experience for the youth in the PG community. I wish I were ten again!

P. Wood

I wanted to take a quick second and write and thank you email to you guys. Our daughter Riley has enjoyed this camp so much! We wish that our summer travel plans were not going prevent her from attending the second week because she has had such a wonderful time.

She comes home everyday with stories about the coaches, campers, and different sports that she is being exposed to. She attends Forest Grove, but she has made friends from Robert Down that she did not know prior to camp. Riley has always been athletic, but hearing that from her parents has not been enough to get her interested in many sports other than soccer. She has often made comments about wanting to try softball, but has been a bit intimidated when it comes to joining a team.

After participating in softball through the wave program, she asked me if we could sign up for softball! She has said that she loves swimming, softball, track and field, and the art class the most. She is showing so much enthusiasm for these different activities that we have always tried to get her involved in!!

Thank you for providing her with encouragement to try new things. The exposure that she has gotten even in one week is incredible. We feel blessed to live in a community that invests in the children and youth. Thank you for all that y’all have done for these kiddos!

S. Cranston

Isabella has had a excellent week. It has been great to see her get up every morning with her sore body to make it another day. She had a chance to get know some new girls from Robert Down since we moved here in November as well as try some athletics she would of never tried. It was amazing to hear she loved wrestling the most!
Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Your vision of the Wave Program is amazing and this town is fortunate to have you.

P. Bloomer

I think this is an EXCELLENT workshop (Anti-Bullying) for the kids. Thank you for taking steps to be a great role model for our kids and taking the steps to make a positive influence in their lives!

R. Chaney

My daughter really likes the camp. We are impressed with all you are doing.

K. Galer

Bullying is a huge problem and I’m grateful you are addressing it at the Wave Camp!

L. DeFord
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