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Wave Writers Founders Get a Big Thank You From The WAVE Program

By Michelle Netzloff-Luna
Cedar Street Times - Jan. 1, 2021

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” -- Anne Frank

Spring of 2020 saw the whole world grind to a halt. As masks were donned and toilet paper became impossible to find, folks watched schools close, businesses shutter and family plans cancel, one after another. Even the wildly popular WAVE Program had to close its doors for the 2020 summer season and kids found themselves stuck at home with nothing to do. Prospects for having any fun over summer vacation looked pretty grim amid a statewide shut down.

That’s when four PG high school trailblazers stepped up to the plate and opened that shut door for PG 4th graders. Caroline Coen, Claire Roggeman, Oscar Scholin and William Coen did not wait a
single moment before starting to improve the world. Spearheaded by Caroline Coen, these four youths developed, organized and taught The Wave Writers, the first ever online creative writing class offered through the WAVE Program this past summer. It was a huge success.

Wave Writers participants got to explore various forms of creative writing, from poetry to memoirs to short stories. “The kids were able to produce outstanding pieces of writing,” says Claire Roggeman, one of the group leaders. William Coen, the youngest to guide his fledgling fourth graders, remarked, “Wave Writers was an exciting way to connect with the students and watch their writing improve.”

Oscar Scholin, also a co-founder and group leader, marveled, “I was blown away by what I saw: my students’ creativity, intelligence, and humor were absolutely astonishing.”

An even more significant indication of the program’s success were comments from parents.

“The instructors provided such well organized activities and a creative environment for the students...My student was so very excited for class to begin each day!” Another mom wrote in, “The group leaders did an outstanding job of motivating the kids and making the writing experience engaging and fun! We feel so lucky that our daughter was able to be part of the Wave Writers camp this summer, thank you so much for offering it!”

In recognition of the hard work and outstanding operation of the program, WAVE Executive Director Darryl Smith honored the four Wave Writer staff for a “job well-done.” In a special November ceremony The WAVE Program awarded each leader a $250 scholarship. Darryl Smith expounds, “The Wave Program is a unique experience for the youth of Pacific Grove because it gives them the opportunity to meet and learn from the coaches and teachers at Pacific Grove High School. When the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown our summer athletic programs, Caroline Coen went to work to develop this program online. The Wave Writers project achieves a major objective of The Wave Program, the interaction of high school students and elementary students from PGUSD. The Wave Program Board is extremely pleased with the effort and accomplishment of Caroline Coen (project supervisor) and instructors Oscar Scholin, Claire Roggeman, and Will Coen, as well as with all the young writers who participated in the Wave Writers Program.”

The four-member Wave Writer team was also pleased with the effort and accomplishment of all the young participants in the program and are set to offer the class again. Caroline Coen muses,

“The Wave Writers instructors were proud of all the students’ hard work and creativity, and delighted in watching the students blossom. Next summer, the program plans to run again, and the instructors hope it will be in person!”

How wonderful it is these four special people did not wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

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