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JANUARY 1, 2021

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The Wave Program online registration will start on January 1, 2018


A WAVE Breaks in Pacific Grove -

The Free Summer Program for PG Kids Makes its Debut

By Michelle Netzloff
Cedar Street Times - May 19, 2017

Respect. Loyalty. Sportsmanship. Fun. These values will be riding in on The WAVE Program, a new summer camp that is free to all PG kids age 10-12. The WAVE Program launches this July with a goal to provide an active, healthy and positive camp experience for Pacific Grove youngsters. Executive Director Darryl Smith, who enjoyed a 27 year professional career as a High School Physical Education Teacher and distinguished Collegiate Coach, heads up the program. Darryl is known for his skill as a master motivator and his enthusiasm is tangible as he talks about the program.

What is the WAVE Program?
“The WAVE Program is a 3 week program for 5th, 6th and 7th graders that emphasizes sports, swimming, arts and dance. It's designed specifically for the Pacific Grove community with a goal of promoting school pride and putting community pride back into high school through athletics. The program includes basketball, baseball/softball, flag football, volleyball, soccer, tennis, track and field, lacrosse, badminton, art, dance, music, swimming, and health/nutrition. Kids attend eight activities a day, each class is 45 minutes long, Monday through Friday, from 8:30am-4pm. Every kid plays every sport. All coaches on staff are professional head coaches at Pacific Grove High. They're great coaches and leaders. One of the advantages of having PGHS staff teach in this program is that kids get to meet the coaches and their future mentors before they attend school there. And the coaches get to meet every 5th, 6th and 7th grader that's going to be in the High School two years from now. Kids in the program also get to meet the high schoolers who are already playing on PGHS teams, so they get to know the athletes who actually play for the Breakers. My hope is that program kids will say to their parents, ‘Hey Joey's my friend and Joey has a baseball game tonight, I met the coach and I want to go watch.' It's all in perfect concert, a unique, one of a kind program.”

How did the idea of the WAVE Program come about?
“Well, a long time ago when I was head coach at Metro State College, I ran a program for the NCAA called NYSP (National Youth Sports Program) in the Denver area. It was a non-profit that served underprivileged youth, and we bussed over 600 kids into this summer sports program. Because of this experience, I wanted the WAVE Program to not exclude kids for any reason, I wanted all kids to mix. So I loosely based it on that when we started.
Another component for the idea was, as a basketball coach, I watched things change over the last 30 years. Kids don't have the freedom I had when I was a kid, we'd go outside and play all day, not worry about playing in the street. You go by parks now and there's nobody there, kids stay home and play on their iPads because they're almost forced to. I wanted to encourage activity in athletics because I believe the word 'underprivileged' is any kid who doesn't go outside and play.
Another big issue was money, and it's the main purpose we're running this program. Every league a kid plays in now costs $200, or whatever it is, or $500 to go to a basketball camp. You don't know how many parents I've spoken with that tell me 'my son has always wanted to play soccer or my daughter has always wanted to swim, but I'm a single Mom who can't afford it.' There's a lot of people like that here. So I wanted to develop a program that was free for kids. It's about the kids. We're running this program so that at no point for 3 weeks do the kids need to bring one dollar with them to do anything special. I call this a charity, a true charity, even though we have non-profit status. There's no other program like this, not in the county, not in California, not in the nation. We partnered with Under Armour and Clif Bar right away, Fortune 500 companies that said to us, 'Look, nobody's doing this, it's innovative, and we're in with you.' Under Armour is donating back packs, shorts and shirts for each child, and Clif Bars is donating 2 bars a day for snack.
Through generous donations, we have a budget and we pay salaries. Let me tell you about teachers and coaches. They're what makes school districts go. I really felt that in order for our program to be the most successful it could be, I had to do it this way, and offer a salary. You know, people think teachers and coaches should just volunteer their time all the time. As it is now, stipends for coaches are minimal, and teacher's spend money out of their own pocket to do things for kids. So it was important to hire our local teachers and to pay them. I felt this was a nice way to give back to the teachers of the Pacific Grove community. Everything about this program is for Pacific Grove.

What is the one thing you would like to see each of the kids take with them from The WAVE Program?
“I can't say one thing. But it has to do with the intangibles. We're not just turning them loose and letting them play. We're old school. We believe kids want guidance, they want to be taught about discipline, how to be motivated, why you say please and thank you. When they go away I want them to think, 'Hey, when I see a kid not as fortunate as me, maybe I'll go shake his hand and be his friend next year.' Things like that. We want to build our youth into outstanding citizens by developing respect, loyalty, sportsmanship, and a strong work ethic, while having lots of fun!”

The Wave Program runs from July 10-28, 2017.
For program details, please visit the website at www.thewaveprogram.org
Registration Deadline is June 1, 2017

Peter Burwash Article

The WAVE Program Swells to New Heights

with Help from the World Renowned Peter Burwash

“There are 3 things that drive the human spirit: appreciation, recognition and creative freedom. The WAVE program sets this stage for everybody.”
-Peter Burwash

By Michelle Netzlaff-Luna
The Cedar Street Times

As founder and president of Peter Burwash International (PBI), the world's largest tennis management company and a featured International Speaker for many Fortune 500 companies like IBM, CBS and 3M Corporation, Peter Burwash knows about success. In addition to being an extraordinary entrepreneur and businessman, Peter has had an exceptional career as a pro athlete and tennis champion, winning 19 international singles and doubles titles as well as being Canadian #1 and Davis Cup player. He has joined the likes of Billie Jean King and Dennis Van Der Meer in the Tennis Industry Hall of Fame for his accomplishments and impact on the sport of tennis.  Recognized as one of the world's best tennis coaches, his book Tennis for Life has become an industry best seller.  He has authored 10 other books on leadership, service, health, fitness and personal development, with endorsements from powerhouses like Steven Covey and Lee Iacocca.  But more than teaching others how to be visionary leaders, he's a strong believer in being of service.  “What you do and don't get paid for is who you really are. Service is really what it's all about.” This is one of his core philosophies, and he is staying true to it by generously sharing his expertise with the WAVE program this summer.  

When asked why he was interested in helping the WAVE program, this is what he had to say.           

Mr. Peter BurwashMr. Peter Burwash

“I wrote a book on leadership, and Chapter One is on enthusiasm. When Darryl came to me, you know, I get proposals and requests all the time. But I saw the enthusiasm Darryl Smith had for the program. Here's a program that's free of charge, all the equipment has been donated and the schedule, it was during the summertime when many families have a single parent or both parents working so the kids are idle all summer.  Now here suddenly from 8:30-4pm each day these kids have opportunity to be involved with something that's positive.  I thought wow, this is unbelievable that this kind of program exists, free of charge. I recognized that this is a very, very special event. The enthusiasm of Darryl, looking at the program, seeing who got behind it, and knowing how special all this is, I said to myself, I gotta do this. So I went to my calendar to see if I was in town.      

Another factor is I'm a big believer that sports is a wonderful segue into a strong corporate career in the business world.  Most leaders of corporations today have had a strong athletic background. This is especially important because it's getting tougher and tougher for kids to get jobs these days. The job market is shrinking. People enjoy having someone that's been on a team, or someone who has a strong sense of discipline through their sports training career. This program gives people a chance to have a discipline of practice.          

"I was also interested because the age range of this program (10-12 years) is critical. By the time 12 is over and 13 begins, most kids disappear for another 7 or 8 years. They have to express their own individuality, they have to do their own searching and they break away from their families. So this is a pivotal point for parents to realize that this is their last crack.  After that it's just teachers, coaches and peer pressure.  My parent orientation talk on July 7 is focused on the qualities of a great parent and how to be a parent to kids who are participating in this incredible program.   There are 3 things that drive the human spirit: appreciation, recognition and creative freedom. Are we instilling all three of these things in our kids? Appreciation is the number one driving force of the human spirit. So what I hope I will get through to the parents is for them to be extremely appreciative of the opportunity that the program presents, and transfer that to the kids, to be appreciative of their coaches and teachers. When I wrote a book on what makes a good company, the number one reason people left a company was because they didn't feel appreciated. When we did the football team, my only responsibility on the sidelines was to take notes and see how the players were doing. But when the  touchdown was scored, I wouldn't let the player sit down until he had thanked all the line men. Normally the line men don't even get their name in the paper, so it gave them an opportunity to feel appreciated.          

"My hope is we teach kids at age 10 and 12 to be appreciative. I talk a lot about the importance of graduation day and that the kids should buy the present. The parents sacrificed time and money, let's make sure you show appreciation when you graduate. Shifting that whole consciousness around is what I hope to be able to do with the parents, which I hope will transfer to coaches who will  transfer to the kids.  First and foremost, everything we're doing in education today should be focused around appreciation.”

Peter Burwash is guest speaker at the WAVE Program's  Parent Orientation Meeting on Friday July 7, 2017  from 6:30-7:30pm in the Pacific Grove High School Gymnasium.

To view a short video of the parents orientation see below:

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To see the picture gallery and camp videos - Click HERE

Below are videos that were made during the Wave Program summer camp at Pacific Grove High School. Special thanks to Bo Buller for both making and editing the videos for the camp.











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The WAVE Program Swells Again in Pacific Grove This Summer

By Michelle Netzloff-Luna
Cedar Street Times - May 18, 2018

As The WAVE Program is back and even better than before! This free summer camp is for girls and boys ages 10, 11 and 12 who live in Pacific Grove. Starting in July, this phenomenal event runs for two weeks from July 9-20, Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm, and is a one of a kind opportunity. This year the WAVE Program is now providing all the sports and activities that are offered at Pacific Grove High School. This year's list of activities includes basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, football, tennis, track and field, wrestling, lacrosse, swimming, art, music, dance, health and nutrition, and games...plus new to the bill is golf, culinary arts and a cheerleading clinic. To top everything off, making it's debut is The WAVE Leadership Program, running concurrently with the sports program. This program is reserved exclusively for 13 year olds and is based on the teachings of sports psychologist Jim Thompson, founder of the world class Positive Coaching Alliance, or PCA. Darryl Smith, executive director of the WAVE Program, explains it this way, "PCA teaches about how to be a great player, a great citizen, a great student...all the things we stress with our kids. PCA has been so successful they've written a book, they've written every exercise. In our Leadership Program, there will be leadership workshops everyday and guest speakers coming in over the course of the two weeks. So it's not like we're just having a coach stand up and tell them their thoughts on motivation, or whatever. It's going to be 'today our exercise is loyalty, why loyalty is critical to any family, any team or any workplace.'" After that the kids go out and help coaches and student aides with daily activities and the kids will be working on a community project to benefit Pacific Grove.

"As of right now we already have 231 kids signed up, 121 are girls and 110 boys. We have 27 kids in the leadership program. We hope to serve 300 kids this year and I'm pretty confident we'll meet that goal."

The WAVE Program is stronger than ever and the future is looking very bright. When asked about the financial backing that makes this camp possible, Darryl had this to say, "We originally got funding for three years, and didn't start raising money until after the program was run last year. In the course of three months after the 2017 camp we raised $30,000. This year we have two generous revolving grants, and we've already raised enough that we can finance a fourth year. We have another one in the works...if we get that grant, then the program will run forever. We're really happy about that, things have gone really well that way." He adds, "I think this financial support is a testament to how much people really care about kids. People want to help kids and I think they understand that things aren't like they used to be. The philosophy of the program is to keep kids together and not separate them by the kids who can afford to play travel ball and the kids who can't, and leaving people behind that way. Just the whole philosophy of the program is really true."

On the HOME page of the WAVE Program website is a written statement that sums up beautifully the philosophy and mission of this unique camp. It reads:
"We are committed to developing respect for self and others, highlighting the importance of sportsmanship, following the rules, and loyalty. We believe a strong work ethic is the foundation for success in life, and our staff model that idea. We emphasize character building and goal setting right along with sports fundamentals and fitness. And we just want them to have a blast with their friends for a couple of weeks before the pressures of the school year begin!"

Be sure to visit the website at www.thewaveprogram.org for more information or to make a donation
Registration deadline for the July camp is Friday June 1, 2018.
Parent orientation is Friday July 6, 2018.


Brian Crookham Bio

Colorado Rapids Crookham Featured Speaker at Parents Orientation

Brian CrookhamSr. Director of Soccer DevelopmentColorado RapidsBrian Crookham
Sr. Director of Soccer Development
Colorado Rapids

"thewaveprogram" would like to introduce Brian Crookham Senior Director of Soccer development of the Colorado Rapids. Coach Crookham is a sought after motivational speaker in the United States and all over the world. He will be speaking on the topic “Parenting the Student Athlete” Parent Orientation is Friday, July 6th, at 6:30, in the Pacific Grove United School District (PGUSD) High School Gym

Crookham is the Senior Director of Soccer Development for the Colorado Rapids. He joined the Rapids staff full-time in May of 2007. As Senior Director of Soccer Development, he is responsible for all of the club’s programming related to player development, including the Academy, the Colorado Rapids Adidas Alliance and the Club’s USL and International Partnerships. He is also serving as the Technical Director for the club’s USL Pro Affiliate, the Charlotte Independence.

Under his guidance, the club's Youth Development System has evolved into a fully-integrated player development structure where players have the ability to enter the club as a young player and pursue their dream of one day playing for the Rapids First Team through the MLS Homegrown Player program.

Brian Crookham speaks at a Colorado Rapids soccer functionBrian Crookham speaks at a Colorado Rapids soccer functionCrookham began his career with the organization as the Director of Coaching for the Rapids Academy. During the 2008 and 2009 seasons Crookham also assisted head coaches Gary Smith and Fernando Clavijo with the First Team. He has also served as a color analyst for Rapids television broadcasts on Altitude Sports and Entertainment since 2004.

For the three years prior to coming to the Rapids full-time, Crookham was the Assistant Technical Director for Colorado Youth Soccer. There he was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Olympic Development Program and worked in coaching education.

From 1995-2004 Crookham served as the Head Men’s Soccer Coach and Assistant Athletic Director at Metropolitan State College in Denver. During his nine-year tenure, the soccer team became nationally-recognized, going from a team that had never before been ranked to as high as number four in the NCAA Division II top 25. In 2000 the program made its first ever appearance in the NCAA Tournament. Crookham coached three All-Americans, 11 All-Midwest Region players and the 2001 RMAC Player-of-the-Year. The program was also recognized nationally with Academic Honor Awards in each of the last three seasons he was there. In his role as Assistant Athletic Director, he was responsible for managing the student-athlete eligibility, academic progress, and NCAA rules compliance for the school.

A USSF "A" Licensed coach, Crookham has served as an instructor in both state and national coaching education programs for US Soccer and frequently conducts team building and development sessions for local business.

Crookham lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado with wife Michelle, and three children.

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