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WAVE Leadership Learns About Becoming a Better Leader

The Wave Leadership Program for 13-year olds was back in the classroon on Tuesday, July 17 for a workshop. Mr. Barry Frew and Ms. Jeanne Frew of Frew & Associates of Monterey, CA, gave a workshop on the topic of Leadership.

Below are pictures from the workshop.




Guest Speakers

July 17: Barry Frew - Leadership Workshop

Barry FrewBarry FrewUpon leaving a tenured faculty position at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA, Dr. Barry Frew formed Frew & Associates, an independent consulting firm. He conducts education and development interventions for organizations and executives that are aimed at expanding the boundaries of individuals and organizations. Dr. Frew continues to focus on events to stretch the thinking of people within organizations that help align, that focus on talent management, that focus on transformation and change, and that provide high performing and high potential leaders an expanded set of management, leadership, and execution tools.

In 1997, Professor Frew founded the Center for Executive Education at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. The Center provided boundary expanding programs for the U.S. Navy and Department of Defense Flag officers and Senior Service civilians. Programs delivered by this Center rapidly built a large following and reputation within and external to the Navy. His programs have been credited for changing the culture of Navy leadership, changing the dialogue within the Navy, and expanding the awareness and perception regarding leader’s vision of future possibilities and outcomes. His entrepreneurial spirit and his non-standard approach to executive education has been the focus of articles, magazines and news periodicals including Fast Company, New York Lawyer, Chips, and Naval Proceedings.

Dr. Frew's dissertation topic explored the necessary characteristics for an event that leads peak performers to change their perception or behavior and led him to a deeper understanding of adult and organizational learning, human motivation, organizational behavior, and communication. He is a tenured faculty member at the Naval Postgraduate School and an adjunct faculty member at the Federal Executive Institute as well as a Principal at the Council for Excellence in Government. Barry has a non-traditional approach to executive education and possesses a passion for making today’s leaders excellent leaders.


July 17: Ms. Jeanne Frew - Leadership Workshop

Jeanne FrewJeanne Frew

Ms. Jeanne Frew's experience is broad from highly technical to senior leadership and professional development. The emphasis throughout has been leadership and change management. The audience has been both public and private sector with the largest time spent working with and for the federal government. She is experienced with government processes and systems, and she has helped government organizations successfully use these systems rather than be stymied by them. She has focused on professional and leadership development and has used formal and informal education, coaching and mentorship, and leadership by example.

Ms. Frew led a military organization as the senior civilian (Technical Director). She provided leadership, change management, strategic thinking, policy development, long-range planning in all aspects of the business, human capital management, and fiscal oversight. In this position, she implemented strategic direction and demonstrated world-class leadership in a rapidly changing unpredictable environment. In her role as a facilitator, she knew how to challenge individuals, as well as groups, and knew how to get them motivated to work together, stay focused and get results. Ms. Frew has been successful in getting organizations to achieve organizational alignment and transformational leadership.

Her fervor for organizational development led her to design 'Expanding Boundaries', a five-day program she teaches to address the cultural needs of an organization during times of radical and continuing change. By educating a cross-section of its members, from the ground-up to the senior executives, she has proven herself by cultivating learning and the sharing of ideas at all levels in organizations. Ms. Frew’s program has provided participants a better understanding of themselves, each other, and the organization. The successes are seen when organizations end up with an understanding of the challenges they face along with developing a clear vision for the future.

Ms. Frew's expertise spans a culmination of transformational organizational development, communications, management, systems engineering and software development. While her passion and experience embrace leading organizational change.

Biography content and photos courtesy of Frew & Associates website.



Leadership Graduates


Yume Bishop
Cayden Bloomer
Ammar Burhani
Kevin Canning
Salvatore Cina
Chloe Coe
Dilbar Dhaliwal
Soren Everett
Gabriella Gaona
Graciela Garcia
Makai Hayes
Jamar Howard
Natalie Jaramillo
Cameron Johnson
Alexis Knab
Gerald Liu
Sebastian Llantero
Aidan Lovera
Elizabeth McLaren
Remi Misawa-Salzmann
Aryll Pacheco
Jayden Ramirez
Declan Ryan
Lupita Sanchez
Enzo Serpa
Neemah Shahidi
Bryce Smith
Nate Stevens
Channa Tillman
Tyler Travaille
Ethan Wood
Dallin Yoder

Guest Speakers


Peter Wood
Positive Coaching Alliance

Ed Buller
Former A.D. & Football coach
Oak Grove High School

Ron Triplett
Marriage & Family Counselor

Andrea Page
Nutritionist, Helath & Sleep Counselor

Barry & Jeanne Frew
Frew & Assciates

Buck Roggeman
Forest Grove Elementary School


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