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What is The Wave Program?

The WAVE program is a two-week summer day camp for girls and boys, ages 10,11, and 12. This program hopes to spark interest in team sports, individual sports, and the arts electives offered at Pacific Grove High School, "The Breakers." The WAVE program's daily emphasis will be to provide an active, healthy and positive camp experience.

The WAVE program was established in 2016 as a 501 (c) (3) public funded (charity) foundation. It opened in the summer of 2017. The Wave was developed to encourage activity in athletics, the arts (art, dance, and music), and education in health, nutrition, and fitness. It is specific to the youth (10, 11, and 12 year old kids) of Pacific Grove, and in harmony with activities and classes with Pacific Grove High School (PGHS).

The activities and classes offered to its participants are lead by the outstanding teachers and coaches of PGHS. The Wave Board promotes the value of this program with the goals of promoting healthy, fit and intelligent youth by providing this opportunity without cost to this age group. “the wave program” is a fantastic opportunity to accomplish these goals while incorporating the staff at PGHS, allowing the youth to interact with the future mentors, providing motivation and an introduction to the choices they will have in the future in the Pacific Grove Unified School District and just as important to HAVE FUN WITH THEIR PEERS.

In Pacific Grove, our youth is valued. “thewaveprogram” Board of Directors is proud to offer this two-week summer program at no cost…THE WAVE PROGRAM IS FREE!! Register your son or daughter now! All donations are appreciated!

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Employee ID Number (EIN): 81-3074590

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2022 Camp Activities

● Basketball ● Baseball/Softball ● Volleyball ● Football ● Soccer Lacrosse ● Tennis ● Wrestling ● Water Polo 

● Track & Field ● Swim Lessons ● Games● Dance ● Cheerleading  Backyard Games

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