Sunday, 29 March 2020
Water Polo at The Wave
Casey Lyons shows Wave campers the proper throwing technique during the morning water polo session
Playing Pickleball at The Wave
Wave Campers play a friendly game of Pickleball on the PGHS tennis courts. Pickleball is a paddle sport played with a whiffle ball
High Jumping at The Wave Program
A Wave camper works on her high jump technique during the track and field portion of the camp at the PGHS Stadium
Ed Reinhardt, Jr., Speaks at The Wave Program
Ed Reinhardt, Jr., tells his story about his miraculous recovery to the wave campers and parents on Monday, July 15 at the PGHS Gym
Cheer Recital Introductions
The Wave Coach, Darryl Smith, talks to the campers prior to the cheer recital put on in the PGHS Gym
Meeting the Cheer Clinic Coach
The Wave Coach Darryl Smith introduces Arthur Smith, the cheer coach at Cal-State Bakersfield to the wave campers signed up for the Cheer Clinic on Thursday, July 11
Campers Love H.I.T.S.
Wave Campers line up to receive a t-shirt, sweat bands and information from The Wave Coach Darryl Smith and Activities Director, Todd Buller. The gear was provided by the United States Tennis Association courtesy of India Hoffman
Crazy for Clif Bars
Various Wave Program campers pose with their favorite snack in the PGHS Gym
Learning Basketball Basics
Pacific Grove Head Boys Basketball Coach Dan Powers talks about the game of basketball to a group of Wave Campers
Culinary Arts Fun
Wave Campers pose for a picture during one of the cooking classes held by PGHS Culinary Arts teacher Jenn Erickson
Kids Decorate their Wave Bags
Campers show off their creative skills on their Under Armour bags
Pizza for the Team Leaders
The Wave Coach Darryl Smith (right) delivers pizza to the team leaders. The pizza was provided by Mountain Mikes of Pacific Grove
The Wave Huddle & Cheer
Campers gather around The Wave Program Activities Director Todd Buller at the end of the day before being released to their parents.
Listening to the Day's Schedule
The Activity Director for The Wave Program tells campers what they will be doing for the day
Making the Rounds
Camp Executive Director Darryl Smith makes the rounds during thewaveprogram in 2019 camp at PGHS

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The Fourth Wave Program is Coming!



Parent's Orentation: Friday, July 10, 2020 (6:30 p.m.)
Pacific Grove High School Gymnasium


Camp runs July 13-24, 2020 

Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.



The Wave Program during the summer of 2019:
283 kids (10 to 12 year olds) participated
22 kids (13-year olds) attended The WAVE Leadership Program in its second year
Over 100 high school athletes volunteered
40 Pacific Grove employees gave their time


Activities Director - Todd Buller


Tentative Activities Scheduled (coach)
Basketball (Dan Power); Baseball (Gil Ruiz/Jeff Gray); Softball (Sal Lucido); Tennis (Kathy Buller); Football (Chris Morgan); Dance (Tatum Madrid); Track and Field (Steve Watkins); Art (Matt Kelly); Volleyball (Alana Buller ); Lacrosse (Schuylar Horn); Swimming (Mark Temple); Soccer (Brian O'Donnell); Water Polo (Casey Lyons); Wrestling (Travis Selfridge); Cheerleading (Linda Lyons & Arthur Smith); Music (Theresa Hruby); Health, Nutrition & Fitness (Donna O'Donnell); Culinary Art (Jen Erickson); Improv (Katie Selfridge)








- Goals: Learn more about yourself, others, and leadership. Practice leadership. Have fun.

- Expectations of students: Actively participate in all sessions; stay open, engaged and in the present,
with a learning and growth mindset; demonstrate leadership qualities; reflect and share learned
insights; and have fun.

- Relationship to WAVE Sports Camp: The WAVE Leadership Program is an integral part of the WAVE
Program, and yet is separate from the WAVE Sports Camp. The Leadership participants will have limited interaction with the WAVE sports campers.


The Leadership Program is led by Barry & Jeanne Frew 
of Frew & Associates based in Monterey, CA and Jordan Gasperson


Click Here for more information on the Wave Leadership Program


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Hosted by Arthur Smith, Cal State-Bakersfield Cheerleading Coach




New Program coming to The Wave in 2020!

A new WAVE program for PGUSD 4th graders called "Wave Writers"  is coming this summer…….stay tuned for more information!

What is the Wave Program?

The Wave Program is a two-week summer day camp for girls and boys ages 10, 11, and 12. We aim to provide an active, healthy, positive camp environment that sparks interest in team and individual sports and the arts electives offered at Pacific Grove High School. Our major components include:

The Wave Program is coming back in July 2018The Wave Program is coming back in July 2018

● Instruction in athletic skills and fundamentals.
● Introduction to the arts in dance, art, and culinary classes.
● Discussions about general fitness, health, and nutrition.
● Swim Lessons.

We are committed to developing respect for self and others, highlighting the importance of sportsmanship, following the rules, and loyalty. We believe a strong work ethic is the foundation for success in life, and our staff model that idea. We emphasize character building and goal setting right along with sports fundamentals and fitness. And we just want them to have a blast with their friends for a couple of weeks before the pressures of the school year begin!



Who is the Wave Program for?

The Wave Program is for 10-, 11-, and 12-year-olds who reside in Pacific Grove and/or who attend Pacific Grove public schools: Forest Grove Elementary, Robert H. Down Elementary, or Pacific Grove Middle School. We target this age group for the following reasons.

Art class, taught by Matt Kelly, was a favorite of the first Wave Program in 2017.Art class, taught by Matt Kelly, was a favorite of the first Wave Program in 2017.

“ . . . The age range of this program (10-12 years) is critical. By the time 12 is over and 13 begins, most kids disappear for another 7 or 8 years. They have to express their own individuality, they have to do their own searching and they break away from their families. So this is a pivotal point for parents to realize that this is their last crack. After that it’s just teachers, coaches, and peer pressure.”
–Peter Burwash, leadership expert and founder of Peter Burwash International

The middle school years can be tough for kids, and we want to provide a safe, fun place for them to make new friends, strengthen their existing bonds, and collaborate and compete in an accepting environment so that they can begin high school feeling connected and excited about the future. We offer a wide variety of sports and artistic pursuits in the hope that every child will discover something they love. We provide guidance for kids on the brink of the uncertainty of adolescence, in order to point them in the right direction.

We employ the teachers, coaches, and students of Pacific Grove High School and use the PGHS campus, so that our middle schoolers gain familiarity and maybe start that first day of high school more confidently, primed to learn and get involved. We provide an opportunity for kind, responsible, and motivated high school students to support and mentor their younger compatriots, thereby strengthening their own skills and connection to the community.



The Wave Program Expectations:

We want all kids to be involved with every activity, always, that’s what it is all about! At The Wave Program do the best you can everyday and have fun.

Be on time, learn, and give your best effort! We would like you to have 100 percent attendance!

A positive attitude is a little thing that can take you a long way. Be respectful, be kind, and be helpful. Your enthusiasm will make The Wave Program a great place to be. Please have the attitude of gratitude!.



The Wave Program Teachers and Coaches

View the embedded image gallery online at:

The Wave Program is a unique experience for the youth of Pacific Grove because it gives them the opportunity to meet, interact, and learn from the Coaches and Teachers that are Head Coaches and Teachers at Pacific Grove High School. These Teachers and Coaches are invested in this community and its student/athletes.

Our coaches and teachers are instrumental leaders in motivating young people and helping them become self starters. They teach self discipline, good habits, and the value of setting goals. They are experts at creating expectations in a positive climate that our campers value.

Our staff teaches with praise and encouragement. They are great leaders and they embrace their roles as motivators. These coaches and teachers are the backbone of the Wave Program. Click HERE to view The Wave Program Staff


Camp Activities

● Basketball ● Baseball/Softball ● Volleyball ● Football ● Soccer Lacrosse ● Tennis ● Wrestling ● Water Polo 

● Track & Field ● Swim Lessons ● Music  ● Team Handball ● lmprov ● Art ● Dance ● Cheerleading   Culinary Art ● Health, Nutrition & Fitness

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