Friday, 05 June 2020
Water Polo at The Wave
Casey Lyons shows Wave campers the proper throwing technique during the morning water polo session
Partners of The Wave Program
Playing Pickleball at The Wave
Wave Campers play a friendly game of Pickleball on the PGHS tennis courts. Pickleball is a paddle sport played with a whiffle ball
High Jumping at The Wave Program
A Wave camper works on her high jump technique during the track and field portion of the camp at the PGHS Stadium
Ed Reinhardt, Jr., Speaks at The Wave Program
Ed Reinhardt, Jr., tells his story about his miraculous recovery to the wave campers and parents on Monday, July 15 at the PGHS Gym
Cheer Recital Introductions
The Wave Coach, Darryl Smith, talks to the campers prior to the cheer recital put on in the PGHS Gym
Meeting the Cheer Clinic Coach
The Wave Coach Darryl Smith introduces Arthur Smith, the cheer coach at Cal-State Bakersfield to the wave campers signed up for the Cheer Clinic on Thursday, July 11
Campers Love H.I.T.S.
Wave Campers line up to receive a t-shirt, sweat bands and information from The Wave Coach Darryl Smith and Activities Director, Todd Buller. The gear was provided by the United States Tennis Association courtesy of India Hoffman
Crazy for Clif Bars
Various Wave Program campers pose with their favorite snack in the PGHS Gym
Learning Basketball Basics
Pacific Grove Head Boys Basketball Coach Dan Powers talks about the game of basketball to a group of Wave Campers
Culinary Arts Fun
Wave Campers pose for a picture during one of the cooking classes held by PGHS Culinary Arts teacher Jenn Erickson
Kids Decorate their Wave Bags
Campers show off their creative skills on their Under Armour bags
Pizza for the Team Leaders
The Wave Coach Darryl Smith (right) delivers pizza to the team leaders. The pizza was provided by Mountain Mikes of Pacific Grove
The Wave Huddle & Cheer
Campers gather around The Wave Program Activities Director Todd Buller at the end of the day before being released to their parents.
Listening to the Day's Schedule
The Activity Director for The Wave Program tells campers what they will be doing for the day
Making the Rounds
Camp Executive Director Darryl Smith makes the rounds during thewaveprogram in 2019 camp at PGHS

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Perfect Attendance Achieved by 68 Wave Campers

Campers from Group 1 (12 year old Boys show off their certificatesCampers from Group 1 (12 year old Boys show off their certificates 10 and 11 year old girls in Group 6 proudly pose with their attendance certificates10 and 11 year old girls in Group 6 proudly pose with their attendance certificates
The 2019 Wave Program saw 68 members of the class achieve perfect attendance for the 10-day summer class.


Group 1
(12-yr. old boys)

1. Roman Abrahamson
2. Thomas Coen
3. Mason Huss
4. Jimmy Lippert
5. Robbie Meek
6. John Stegge

Group 5
(12-yr. old girls)

1. Hailie Atkinson
2. Olivia Englehorn
3. Shayla Sanchez
4. Julia Shelton
5. Annelisi Tuitavuki
6. Maegan Woo
7. Jadyn Lindsey
8. Nina Leite
9. Anna Pisani
10. Mauna Mohammadi

Group 2
(10-11 yr. old boys)

1. Michael Ackerman
2. Ryan Bartlett
3. Milo Bingham
4. Grady Burczynski
5. Victor Chavez
6. Kai Clarkson
7. Maxwell Deegan
8. Cyprien Detrait
9. Steven DiMercurio, Jr.
10. Ryder Gamecho
11. Daren Light

Group 6
(10-11 yr. old girls)

1. Zana Balaban
2. Riley Cranton
3. Ruby D'Amico
4. Avalina Dolowich
5. Georgiana Faile
6. Liliana Gaona
7. Christina Hague
8. Paige Houston
9. Ella Smith
10. Ciara Ware

Group 3
(10-11 yr. old boys)

1. Michael Roldan
2. Walter Schramm
3. Travis Travaille
4. Bram van Sunder
5. Langley Vertrees
6. Aidan Knabb

Group 6
(10-11 yr. old girls)

1. Kiersten Jones
2. Hanna Knoop
3. Christina Lee
4. Sierra McAnally
5. Lily Mills
6. Evelyn Murkison
7. Sally Holobaugh
8. Tazannah Mahoney
9. Violet Frew

Group 4
(10-11 yr. old boys)

1. Arlo Hulse
2. Archer Huss
3. Malakai Hutchison
4. Kaito Kraus
5. Trenton Maciel
6. Anady Kim

Group 8
(10-11 yr. old girls)

1. Gwen O'Brien
2. Gabrielle Pargi
3. Scarlett Strawser
4. Melissa Wang
5. Merrie Winterrowd
6. Debby Woo
7. Renata Umarova
8. Farrah Houde
9. Finnley Kadlevich
10. Prashna Tamang



Camp Activities

● Basketball ● Baseball/Softball ● Volleyball ● Football ● Soccer Lacrosse ● Tennis ● Wrestling ● Water Polo 

● Track & Field ● Swim Lessons ● Music  ● Team Handball ● lmprov ● Art ● Dance ● Cheerleading   Culinary Art ● Health, Nutrition & Fitness

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